Adventure Sports in Pokhara


Pokhara is one of the best top 5 paragliding spots in the world. With all the correct things like stable thermals, helpful take-off, and landing zones, the security of a huge lake and mind-blowing mountain sees Pokhara’s paragliding earns the reputation over the world. There are 3 types of paragliding like Standard flight (30 minutes), Cross-country (40-60 minutes), and GoPro footage (5 minutes video, 30 stills).

River rafting

For the closeness of Himalaya, Nepal is one of the best white water destinations in the world. Especially, Pokhara offers the best river rafting options in Nepal which are so adventurous. There are several rivers where you can do the rafting but a few are very famous like Seti, Sunkoshi, Trishuli, and Kaligandaki. You can have the adrenaline-fuelled action and breath-taking rafting here.

Zip Flying

With all the adventure sports Pokhara has started a new Zip flyer which is the first of its kind in Asia. By this, you can travel the whole Pokhara valley and see the mesmerizing view of mountains and lakes from the above with this extreme zip lining.
It is the tallest and longest zipline in the world. With 600m high in the air and a speed of 140km per hour covering a distance of 1.8 km.

Ultralight Flight

No flights! But, you still want to see the eternal and mesmerizing views of Annapurna, Maccha Pucchre and many more. No worries. You can take your own. Yes, correct. Pokhara will give you the experience of Ultralight Flight. For everyone, it is a “dream comes true” moment when you flying in the ultralight flight. You can experience the Phewa Lake and take a closer look at the Nepalese countryside. If you are an adventure lover then you shouldn't miss this.
An Ultralight is a very small 2-seater aircraft that has a powerful engine which can carry 2 people at a time. It is just your pilot and you.

Bungee Jumping

Not just for Pokhara even Nepal's first and only Tower Bungee jumping which will definitely giving you the extreme adrenaline rush. It is just 20 min away from Pokhara lakeside and offers you glorious views of Himalaya and rivers.
You will perform it in the supervision of experts and trained jumpers. They will focus on the highest safety measures. So panic just for the excitement not for worries.


Skydiving is another adventure sport in Pokhara and another reason to come to Pokhara. if its not as of now in your to do list then surely can list it. The best difference between Nepal's skydiving with other countries is the loveliest view of Himalaya.
The skydiving happens before the world's highest peak which is Mt. Everest (8,848 m). Skydiving is done from a plane or a chopper onto the world’s highest drop zone at Gorak Shep, Kala Patthar.

Mountain Biking

As Pokhara is surrounded by the mountains and hills the Mountain Biking is one of the famous adventures. Tourists and even the locals are engaging themselves in this and they really enjoy it. you can have rented Trek mountain bikes, helmets, and gloves from the main street of Pokhara.